Pine trees on Thunderbird Blvd

There used to be a fine row of pine trees growing along Thunderbird Blvd and Eagles Drive.  One tree remains at the corner of the Formwerks townhouse development that stands there now.

For years prior to the townhouses my partner and I would collect pine cones from these trees for Christmas wreaths.  There are only a few places on campus where one could find cones such as these.

I was saddened by the trees removal -so much so that I took a series of photos of their destruction.  The lone tree at the corner of Thunderbird and Eagles Drive is a testament to the survival of trees on campus.  There are a number of examples of other trees that survived the developer’s axe -the trees in the pocket park on the western edge of Hawthorn Place is another nice example.  As are the western row of old trees along the block on Main Mall south of Thunderbird.

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