Daily Archives: November 14, 2006

When Jill Jacks In…: Homing Devices, Mobility, and Un/Belongings


Wednesday, Nov 15, 2006 12:00 pm
Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies
1896 East Mall

Mary Bryson
Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Programs
ECPS, Faculty of Education, UBC

When Jill Jacks In…: Homing Devices, Mobility, and Un/Belongings

This talk features research that counters and complicates decontextualized, celebratory accounts of queer subjects and cyberspace and situates media practices in the quotidian locations of everyday life. The author explores the significance of communicative media for queer women, with a particular focus on the negotiation of complex identifications, communities, social networks, and knowledge practices. Arguments concerning queer virtualities attend to: (im)mobilities across multiple offline and online contexts, complex geographies of un/belonging, a paradoxical relation of intense suturing to, and disavowal of, mediation, as well as the problematic of a politics of recognition, and of visibility, at work in all sites of subjectification and sociality.


Mary Bryson is Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Programs, ECPS, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia. Her primary interest is in sociocultural scholarship concerning technology, equity, and pedagogically transgressive uses of digital tools. Mary has numerous publications on theoretical treatments of gender and technology, queer theory, and equity in education, including “Radical Inventions” (SUNY Press). In 2000, Bryson was a recipient of the Canadian Pioneer in New Technologies and Media award. Mary’s current SSHRC research, Queer Women on the Net, is focused on new media, identity, and discursive
employments of network formation, community and agency. (http://www.queerville.ca).