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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I met most of you on Friday at the TSED orientation, I’m the new kid in the program, switching in from Art Education. Well, let’s face it, the old kid.

    I think this qualifies as news:

    I attended the TEO session put on by Gail Winston yesterday morning for teacher education students. The subject of the presentation was the Standards for the Education Competence and Professional conduct of Educators in BC and how they fit within the context of the UBC program.

    Two key points came out of the presentation that I think might be of interest to this group.

    First, Gail asked the gathering of students, “Who knows what an eportfolio is?” Out of the entire group, which filled the lecture hall, no one put up their hand.

    Second, Gail showed a diagram that indicated the two standards that must be fulfilled for student teachers to be recommended for certification by the BC Teachers College. This recommendation will be based on 1)instructor notes/reports and 2) eportfolio.

    Interesting, no?

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