ESW Exec Team 2019-2020 (left to right: Sam Hahn, Danie Benetton, Edward Feehan, Jessica Yamamoto)

President – Sam Hahn

Studying in CHBE 3rd Year. Last year I was the project leader for the Neighbour Hub project which was completed in August of this year. President of the club since April, I am eager to grow ESW into an effective, impactful group on campus. I believe that by working with students to connect them to sustainability problems that need to be solved we can really make a difference at UBC!

VP Finance – Edward Feehan

I’m happy to be returning as VP Finance for 2019-2020. I am in charge of ensuring that all of our projects are properly funded, and that all of our outreach events are as supported as possible. This year I will be heading the Sponsorship Committee, which will be looking to find companies that can provide ESW with the support we need for our many projects and events, and co-leading the Build Day project, an ESW initiative in which we will be constructing a sustainable installment in just one day! 

VP External – Jessica Yamamoto

As VP External, I talk to groups outside of ESW about outreach, projects as well as networking opportunities on campus. I have a hand in many of ESW’s current and proposed projects as well as helping to get students involved in our sustainable efforts! This year I’m on the Biodiesel and Water Treatment projects and I run the Outreach Committee. 

VP  Internal – Danie Benetton

Hey everyone! I’m happy to be back for my second year as VP Internal. This year I’ll be on the Water Treatment project. As VP Internal, I’m working on expanding our influence on campus and facilitate communication between the Exec team and our members. Some of the topics I’m most passionate about include bioplastics and sustainable food production. 

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