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Environmental protection has becoming a very popular topic these days. People are very concerned about the environmental condition that they are living in. Canadian province first introduced carbon tax in 2008 among the North American jurisdiction (The Economist). However, the carbon tax is mainly burden on all fossil fuels. So some people are not satisfied with this, and they think that the government should “do more to limit carbon emissions” (The Economist). In my opinion, since the circumstances on this planet is already seriously deranged by human beings, we should do more to protect our environment. Canadian already realized that how crucial that it is to protect our environment. Other countries should also do something to help our environment. If we treat our environment nice, I believe that environments can give us more than we contribute.

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  1. ranson says:

    Great job at voicing your opinions Helen. What do you think will happen in the future if we do not go “green”?

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