Personal Seabird Submarine

Group member: Toby #53665139, Emma ,Rita #45654134
Personal Seabird Submarine
The recent crazy invention that our group would like to introduce is personal seabird submarine. First of all, instead of a bird, the appearance of this submarine is more like a shark, which interests us and makes us decide to choose this topic. As for function, seabird submarine is regarded as a personal vehicle. “If you would like to avoid the busy streets or have a stretch of water completely to yourself what better way than with a submarine”(Slaughter). The submarine uses a rechargeable battery pack which turns a series of electric motors, removing the necessary for fuel. The innovative tow system used in the submarine aims to offer the power of an internal combustion engine to an underwater vessel. With this advanced technique, hype submarine has capability to travel up to speed of 22 knots, which equates to 25mph or 40kh, both on top and under the water surface. In addition, the Seabird can be reduced to a depth of 150ft, 46 meters, and the manufacturer claims that it can be stayed in for 24-72 hours straight.

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4 Responses to Personal Seabird Submarine

  1. ranson says:

    This sounds like a very useful and cool invention. Would you like to own one? If so, how much does it cost? Would you prefer this submarine or a car?

  2. Rich Maurer says:

    I just happened to see this blog entry. Ranson, all other certified submersibles cost $1 million and up and travel at best, 4 mph. The base model, certified two-seat SeaBird is offered at $240 thousand and will travel at up to 25 mph. And to the blogger, the ‘SeaBird’ nomenclature refers more to function than appearance. SeaBird has the capability during high-speed breach to clear the water’s surface and momentarily fly-through the air.

    To all: Our company is in development of a very-high performance submarine simulator, based upon the extreme performance of SeaBird. Advance-purchase tickets are available via our Kickstarter campaign (starting at $10!):

  3. Toby Hu says:

    Of course I want to own one because it is so advanced. But on the other hand, it will apparently be expensive for just that reason, perhaps more than an individual airplane, millions of dollars. Comparing this submarine and a car, unfortunately I would like to buy a car, because car is more useful in modern city traffic.

  4. Rich Maurer says:


    Yes, Seabird will not be cheap ~ $240,000, but we plan to sell to tour operators where people will be able to ride in a SeaBird for around $125. Better yet, sign up for our Kickstarter campaign, mentioned above, and ride the SeaBird Simulator for $10

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