Lai Changxing And The Erosion Of Canadian Values

Lai fled to Canada with his wife Zeng Mingna  and children in August 1999. ‘A lawyer for the Canada Border Services Agency asked the Immigration and Refugee Board Monday to detain the Chinese fugitive until after the federal court decision, saying he poses a flight risk and has ties to organized crime.’ In the last 12 years Lai have a negative influence on Canada’s policy. Therefore it is a smart decision to deportee Lai to China.

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Toby’s Political Post

First Nations education has been changed since the beginning of this century. With Resolution, which is focused on First Nations Control of First Nations Education, First Nation leadership across Canada confirmed the priority of First Nations education and are dedicated to ensuring that every First Nations child will be supported to succeed through cultural and linguistical education. Before this, a broad policy was set out, reflecting Aboriginal and Treaty rights, responsibility, and a world view of lifelong learning. Based on state laws, policies with Indigenous rights to education may include activities which ensure access to education and services by First Nation students. Lots of activities are framed within the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and so on. As some organizations claimed, there are other actions to be done later on.

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Helen’s Political Post

Helen 55987135

Environmental protection has becoming a very popular topic these days. People are very concerned about the environmental condition that they are living in. Canadian province first introduced carbon tax in 2008 among the North American jurisdiction (The Economist). However, the carbon tax is mainly burden on all fossil fuels. So some people are not satisfied with this, and they think that the government should “do more to limit carbon emissions” (The Economist). In my opinion, since the circumstances on this planet is already seriously deranged by human beings, we should do more to protect our environment. Canadian already realized that how crucial that it is to protect our environment. Other countries should also do something to help our environment. If we treat our environment nice, I believe that environments can give us more than we contribute.

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Rita’s Political Post

Nowadays, more and more people from all over the world are focusing on immigration to Canada. The reason is that they will be able to take advantage of  government welfare benefits,  living in a clean environment, having a high living standard and their children can achieve higher level of education which results in higher earning. This leads to the increase in immigration backlog in Cnanda. “Meanwhile, Kenney dismissed suggestions that simply accepting more immigrants would reduce the backlog”(

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Canadian 2011 Election

Aining Yu # 58605130

One of the most important political event that happened in Canada within 30 years is the federal election on 2011. It was mainly to elect members to the House of Commons of the 41 st Canadian Parliament. The election process was rather complex, because every province need to elect their own representatives at first, then the final election result of the whole country will be known by the public. The election result was Andre Forbes of Maniwuagan won, it was allowed to run independently as a majority party. I believe this election was quite democratically, and it is just a glance of the whole Canadian’s politics.

Canadian federal election. n.d. Web. 2 nd May. 2011.

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Vancouver Olympics funding problem

Christian Zheng 47259130

Vancouver Olympics funding problem
Since the vote decision in 2003 International Olympic Committee award the 2010 Winter Olympics to Vancouver, it had been a wide-ranging impacts on Canada. The funding problem had been widely concerned by Canadians. In order to provide a more convenient environment to those guests and build up enough facilities to reach the requirement of Olympics, Canadian government has to get enough funding to do gentrification and constructions. Certainly, this action would attract a lot of opponents, such many people opposed the funding “a $3-million infusion from taxpayers was needed to balance last year’s budget of $11 million.”(Mackin, Bob, 2013) Hence, the funding of Vancouver Olympic become a serious politic problem.

Mackin, Bob. (2013, July 3). Ten Legacies of the Vancouver Olympics. Retrieved from:

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The Canadian rule of foreign investment.


Paul #55446132

Prime Minister Stephen Harper (The Canadian Press) thinks that “Canadian rule on foreign investment should not be too clear because Ottawa needs a certain amount of discretion when considering takeover bids.” However, in my opinion, the rule of foreign investment should be clear to everyone, because try to hide some part of the rule and make up governments’ is not fair, bribery and injustice might happen when the takeover bids. When the process of takeover bids become injustice, some company will try to invest in other country but not in Canada. All in all the Canadian rule in foreign investment should be clear, it will keep the justice and encourage more investment.



Reuters. ”



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Canada abolishes any form of estate or inheritance tax

There is a good news for everyone because it is unfair things when people’s relatives dead and their heritage will have to collect tax. So Canada abolishes this type of tax revenue. Canada no longer has any form of estate or inheritance tax. I think this politics esteem dead as well as their relatives. According to FINANCIAL POST, “Unlike the U.S., Canada no longer has any form of estate or inheritance tax. Yet despite this, death can trigger a significant income tax bill that, if not properly planned for, can leave an unexpected liability when a loved one passes away. Here is what happens to your non-registered and registered assets when you die.”(Gobomek 2013)

Work cited
Golombek , Jamie . N.p.. Web. 8 Nov 2013. .

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Mayor Ford should get fired.

Davis Lee 40883134

The most breaking news is happening in Canada recently is that the Mayor of Toronto Rob ford has admitted finally that he has been smoking crack cocaine. He has been being a the crack cocaine scandal for six months.

He is feeling sorry about the whole thing, and he appologized. He said  “No, I am not an addict. It is what it is and I can’t change the past”(“Rob Ford: ‘Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine’”).

Some Toronto people think that he should be get out from his position and they think they deserve a better Mayor. Some Toronto people are still supporting him because they think he is honest about his past. The interesting thing is that a recently research shows that his supporting rate has increased 5%.

My opinion is that he should be punished by getting fired. Cause if a person can not even say no to drug, how can we suppose him to manage this city. His admission does not mean he can get away from punishment. As a Mayor, he needs to take the responsibility.


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Mayor should not use drugs

Written by Ashley 19049139

Recently, Toronto mayor Mr. Ford admitted he had problems with consuming alcohol and drugs (Loriggio n.d.) In my opinion, government officers and celebrities should control themselves from getting involved in such immoral activities. By consuming drugs  people cannot make decision with clear mind, even the issue is related to serious threads on human being’s life. The drugs would make people hallucinating, consequently unbalanced rate of metabolism. Especially, for the government mayor who is the head of the provincial politics, it would also create a negative influence on the youth. In addition, as celebrities using drugs, adolescents may consider it is cool for them to be addicted to drugs.


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Lorrggio, Paola. “Has Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s drug confession tainted Canada’s ‘good’ image?” CTV.  Web. Nov. 8 2013.


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