Mayor should not use drugs

Written by Ashley 19049139

Recently, Toronto mayor Mr. Ford admitted he had problems with consuming alcohol and drugs (Loriggio n.d.) In my opinion, government officers and celebrities should control themselves from getting involved in such immoral activities. By consuming drugs  people cannot make decision with clear mind, even the issue is related to serious threads on human being’s life. The drugs would make people hallucinating, consequently unbalanced rate of metabolism. Especially, for the government mayor who is the head of the provincial politics, it would also create a negative influence on the youth. In addition, as celebrities using drugs, adolescents may consider it is cool for them to be addicted to drugs.


Work Cited

Lorrggio, Paola. “Has Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s drug confession tainted Canada’s ‘good’ image?” CTV.  Web. Nov. 8 2013.


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  1. ranson says:

    I agree with you Ashley, people in positions of power should be more responsible. My question to you; do you think there should be a standard or contract signed by people of power, so they are forced not to be involved with drugs or alcohol?

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