Mayor Ford should get fired.

Davis Lee 40883134

The most breaking news is happening in Canada recently is that the Mayor of Toronto Rob ford has admitted finally that he has been smoking crack cocaine. He has been being a the crack cocaine scandal for six months.

He is feeling sorry about the whole thing, and he appologized. He said  “No, I am not an addict. It is what it is and I can’t change the past”(“Rob Ford: ‘Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine’”).

Some Toronto people think that he should be get out from his position and they think they deserve a better Mayor. Some Toronto people are still supporting him because they think he is honest about his past. The interesting thing is that a recently research shows that his supporting rate has increased 5%.

My opinion is that he should be punished by getting fired. Cause if a person can not even say no to drug, how can we suppose him to manage this city. His admission does not mean he can get away from punishment. As a Mayor, he needs to take the responsibility.


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  1. ranson says:

    I agree Davis, in society people need to be good role models in positions of power and he does need to take responsibility for his actions like everyone else. Why do you think his popularity has gone up?

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