Vancouver Olympics funding problem

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Vancouver Olympics funding problem
Since the vote decision in 2003 International Olympic Committee award the 2010 Winter Olympics to Vancouver, it had been a wide-ranging impacts on Canada. The funding problem had been widely concerned by Canadians. In order to provide a more convenient environment to those guests and build up enough facilities to reach the requirement of Olympics, Canadian government has to get enough funding to do gentrification and constructions. Certainly, this action would attract a lot of opponents, such many people opposed the funding “a $3-million infusion from taxpayers was needed to balance last year’s budget of $11 million.”(Mackin, Bob, 2013) Hence, the funding of Vancouver Olympic become a serious politic problem.

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  1. ranson says:

    This is a good start. How do you personally feel about the Olympics? Was it a good use of money? Why or why not?

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