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Eating with our eyes

November 4th, 2011 · No Comments

I was searching for a great Italian restaurant in Vancouver, so I did a google search and clicked on a restaurant whose name looked appealing. My instant reaction to their website “get me out of here!”

After talking with a friend, she informed me this place had some of Van’s best Italian grub and recommended I make a reservation. With a website like that I found that advice difficult to stomach, but decided to give it a taste nonetheless. The food turned out to be fabulous, though I was still bothered by my initial reaction to their website.

I went back to their website, and after forcing myself to look at it for a while, I realized what I had had such a gut wrenching reaction to: the colors scheme and use of color. The colors were overpowering, and they didn’t seem to match at all. The font was difficult to read because it blended into the background color, making the entire thing unappealing. My eyes and brain were overwhelmed by a clear lack of planning by whoever designed the page.

With a little more googling, I found an interesting explanation on how the color wheel can help this restaurant make their website as appetizing as their lasagna.

If you’re building a website, this is a must read! (And yes, the colors on the page are appealing, the font is easy to read…)

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