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Why people use the internet & why marketers should know

November 7th, 2011 · No Comments

The web and social media have become everyone’s answer to how to market their product, event, next idea that’s going to go viral. But how many of us actually consider why people use the internet before starting a Facebook page aimed at spreading our company’s message? If we knew, we could decide how to best fit the online world into our marketing strategy.

It turns out an “Intent Index” was created to give you all the information you need about why people on online. And it’s a fun and interactive tool to use too! (100% of internet users surveyed reported they use the internet to “Have Fun- Passtime”)

It’s probably not news to you that 96% of users go to the internet to educate themselves- to learn about the world or a new subject.

But how about this: 19% of people use the internet to sell, while 33% of users are there to buy. How many vendors are missing out on the opportunity to sell online? If they knew this, how might vendors adapt their website functions to facilitate online sales?

Here’s another example: only 10% of users donate money to a cause using the internet, and only 9% use it to raise money for a cause. Why are both of these numbers so low? Is it because people don’t care and don’t have access to it, or is it because the opportunities that exist are few, hard to find, difficult to use? Knowing that people donate infrequently online, what can marketers of, say the Canadian Cancer Foundation, do to raise more money online? Or should they even spend their efforts pursuing this channel?

If knowledge is power, then strategic decisions can certainly be informed with this little bit of gold.


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