Pennsylvania stadium adds video games to bathrooms

How do we feel about “hands-free” urinal video games?

I guess my concern is, how does a hands-free game publish top scorer names without players touching anything?

4 thoughts on “Pennsylvania stadium adds video games to bathrooms

  1. Tyler Dennis

    I feel like this is discriminatory for obvious reasons. As far as the ski game goes, bars might exploit their male customers by putting a jump somewhere far enough down the track such that it requires an extended ‘flow’ to reach the critical point. Guys would have to purchase enough booze to even have an attempt at succeeding; should you want more than one try, you’ll have to buy more booze.

    I suspect there will be an influx of law suits against the establishments in contributory negligence:
    “I lost my teeth because the bathroom game made me urinate on the guy beside me”…

    Nope, nope, nope. Oh and, one could easily keep track of the “user” through correlating their urine composition to the score –

    1. Merrick Cohen

      You are kidding right? Haha the game doesn’t care if you guzzle beer or water to get a long stream to play! I wonder if a water bottle filled with water work – presumably it would. Urinal games are far from new – Vancouver’s playland used to (still does?) have targets in their urinals that inflate a balloon above the urinal when hit. I think that the idea was that if you all started peeing at the same time there would be a race to fill the balloon, the same way it is with the very similar carnival game (with waterguns!). It is a funny idea and may help increase aim; I have seen some urinals that have a picture of a fly printed on one of the walls that allegedly decreases splashing as everyone has something to aim at.

  2. Bruno Godin

    RE: no touch high scores

    high scores are accompanied by a picture : /

    More seriously though, a bluetooth/RFID/near field grab from your smart phone/smart id would seem like a good way to get customer data. The lure being the score board and maybe other features (save game). The catch being that now the bar/advertisers could know your bathroom habits.

    One way to do this is to sell an app for the phone/device where you punch in your favoured game name and other preferences ahead of time (with the option of changing them) that communicates with the bathroom gaming platform.

    You could also do this for personalized advertising in general where the user is within close proximity to the advertising device. The idea of personalized ads in public spaces (bus stops) is not new and I’m sure it’s been implemented somewhere (or soon will be).


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