The need for speed

Posted by: | May 9, 2012 | Leave a Comment

For years many developers have paid little or no attention to page load times and optimization. Network speeds kept constantly increasing and sites became more complex which means more code got loaded etc. This trend finally started to change a couple of years ago. One reason could be seen in the rise of mobile internet […]

I recently presented to the UBC Communication Cardinals about Search Engine Optimization. I knew before the presentation that I was overly ambitious to try tackling all the topics I wanted to discuss in just 90 minutes. I probably would have needed the whole morning to really get into the topic, including demonstrating tools such as […]

The UBC web infrastructure is decentralized and web properties are managed within individual units which consist of faculties, departments, programs, research centres, administrative units etc. It is estimates that more than 1400 websites exist under the UBC domain. Many more sites might reside outside this domain despite an affiliation with UBC. Sites can be hosted […]

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