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Yi has graduated from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan in 2018. Her master’s thesis is Responses of forest carbon and water coupling to juvenile thinning at both the leaf and individual tree levels in a 16-year old natural pinus contorta stand.

She is pursuing PhD degree in Geography (Water) in the University of Waterloo (in Hydrometeorology research group). Her research focuses on energy and water fluxes of high-altitude wetland ecosystems. To be more specific, she is studying the wind, water and vegetation there.

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欢迎来到我的博客! 如果你也和我一样,人生理想是做快乐自由的风,温柔地抚摸生机勃勃的自然和广袤无垠的大地,那么我们交个朋友吧!我期待和你一起游历在天涯海角的尽头,科学殿堂的穹顶和人文哲思的塔尖.