Photo credit: Youth Collaborative for Chinatown

Teaching is an integral part of my identity. As an educator, I see learning as a collaborative social process that involves everyone in the room. No matter what I teach, I cherish the experience of growing together with my students.

Courses that I’ve taught at UBC:

    • CNTO 301 Basic Cantonese I
    • CNTO 303 Basic Cantonese II
    • CNTO 311 Basic Cantonese for Mandarin Speakers
    • CNTO 401 Intermediate Cantonese I
    • LING 100 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
      • I have been both an instructor and a teaching assistant for this course! I was named the Teaching Assistant of the Year by the Department of Linguistics in 2017.

Learn more about these courses here.
Watch our students’ video projects here.

I have also taught Cantonese in Vancouver Chinatown:

    • Saturday School at Mon Keang School with the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown (2016-2021) [website]
        • Thanks to the support of community members, the program was awarded the BC Heritage Award 2020 in the category Education, Awareness and Communication [award details]
    • Saturday School at Centre A (2014) [event info | photo album]

I was invited to give guest lectures for the following courses at UBC:

    • ACAM 390A Global Seminar (field study in Kaiping and Hong Kong)
    • ANTH 217 Culture and Communication
    • HIST 482 The Heritage of Chinese Migration
    • HIST 483 Asian Migrations to the Americas
    • LING 101 Languages of the World
    • LING 447J Topic in Linguistics (Who is a native speaker?)

Course that I’ve taught at the University of Hong Kong:

    • LIN 7004 Phonetics and Phonology (for the Master of Arts in Linguistics program)

Courses that I’ve taught at Hong Kong Community College (an affiliate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University):

    • English for Business Communication
    • English for Academic Studies
    • Language, Cultures, and Communication

Thanks to students’ votes, I received the HKCC Lively Teaching Award in the second year of my teaching career.

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