I come to praise ManyCams, not to bury thee

While I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time in online chats, there have been times where it would’ve been nice to use my webcam with more than one application simultaneously. The most common example is wanting to use Skype on a voice conference call (microphone muted to cover my tapety-tap-tap) and an instant messenger chat with someone else.

So when I discovered ManyCam, I was pretty chuffed. ManyCam creates virtual webcams so multiple applications can use the same camera simultaneously. It even supports multiple real webcams, so I can switch between my Mac’s built-in iSight and the external Firewire one I bought years ago. Which, by the way, still is the best webcam I’ve ever used in terms of picture quality and flexibility.

When Snow Leopard came out, the Mac version of ManyCam no longer worked. But as of this past weekend it’s been updated. There are Windows and Mac versions; no Linux.

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