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recommended iPad app: PDF Expert

My job requires me to read a lot of articles, mostly from academic journals almost entirely in Portable Document File (pdf) format. And until recently my way of managing this reading load has been surprisingly…analogue. This process—aggregating, mass printing, reading, … Continue reading

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un bon jack

39th PARLIAMENT, 2nd SESSION EDITED HANSARD:Vol 142 (110), House of Commons Debates: Last, but certainly not least, I do want to thank my colleague, the leader of the New Democratic Party. For the past year and a half, he has … Continue reading

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the sage on the side

After a summer of teaching–ably assisted, I must add–it’s time to submit grades, clean up desktops (both my work and home computers’ are littered with pdfs of assignments with deficiencies that need to be documented), and try to stop logging … Continue reading

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