rhymes with limp noodle

How was your weekend? Mine was os-some!

No, really. I spent time with my husband. I got things done that needed to get done. I relaxed. I ate. I slept. I even got a few hours in the garden by the pool on Sunday arvo (first time this season).

Oh and I was tethered to my computer. Weekends in ETEC565A are often busier–most of the students are working full-time, after all. This week and last there’s a small group activity, so things were even busier (but wow are these folks impressing me with their work!). I also wanted to get folks set up with Moodle ASAP, since many were chomping at the (learning technology) bit, as it were.

The workflow was supposed to be:

Students complete a quiz that captures all the data John needs to create accounts

  1. John downloads data sets
  2. John scrubs data a wee bit
  3. John uploads CSV file and bulk creates all the accounts
  4. John each chips and dip
  5. John manually creates 83 course sites (one for each student)

Don’t worry I got chips–and bought more today. I earned ’em!  Because this is what I ended up doing:

  1. Download data sets
  2. Discover the wrong quiz was loaded in all 4 sections
  3. Figure out a way to work with a data set missing 40% of the variables
  4. Create the accounts
  5. Create the sites
  6. Post the announcment
  7. Fix the incorrect password info in the announcement
  8. Get deluged with “I can’t log on” messages
  9. Each chips
  10. Fix accounts
  11. Get deluged with “I can’t log on” messages
  12. Fix accounts
  13. Eat the last of the chips

I think the worst is behind me though: the fix requests have slowed to a trickle.  No sympathy required. 🙂

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