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Welcome to FREN 102 (AY 2013-14, winter session, term 2). On this site, you will find basic documentation for the course. This site will be worked on through December and early January, so as to be ready for the beginning of term (6 January 2014). In the meantime, for some idea of the course, you may wish to refer to the term 1 site: http://blogs.ubc.ca/fren101et102

You will be provided with a copy of the syllabus and schedule in your first class.
If you are in FREN 102-201, -203, -204, -205, -206, or -901: this will be on Monday 6 January.
If you are in FREN 102-207 or -902: this will be on Tuesday 7 January.
These materials will also be available on this site, in PDF. They will remain here and can be downloaded or printed out at any time.

Information on the required course materials follows further below.

Further questions, uncertainties, comments, other issues:

  • please email the course co-ordinator
  • please include “FREN 102″ in your email subject-line, and your section-number



Manley, Smith, McMinn, Prévost
Horizons (5th edition): textbook & iLrn online exercises
Nelson/Heinle/CENGAGE 2012



  • ISBN 9780840048738
    = iLrn package, includes ebook (but no printed book):
    same as previous item, but a different ISBN for the one available from the UBC Bookstore

= if you took FREN 101 last term (September – December 2013): we are continuing to use the same materials (textbook + iLrn online component) for FREN 102 this term. And in the summer.

NB: if you are buying your course materials used / second-hand, or from a source other than the UBC Bookstore or directly from the publishers, it is your responsibility to PLEASE MAKE SURE that what you have bought includes online access for the duration of the course, including the exam period.


Horizons is available in various versions and packages, online and in bricks & mortar stores. In FREN 101, we will work on the preliminary chapter and chapters 1-4. In FREN 102, we will work on chapters 5-9.

In both courses, we will use both the textbook and the online exercises (or “eSAM,” electronic student activities manual).

The easiest thing for you to do (and, we’re pretty sure, the cheapest) is for you to buy the custom package from the UBC Bookstore. We’re pretty sure that’s the cheapest way to buy Horizons too, if you want to have a printed physical book.

For more, in greater detail, see further: course materials


Dr Juliet O’Brien
Co-ordinator, FREN 101 & 102
Office hours: by appointment (regular weekly hours to be confirmed in early January 2014)
Office: Buchanan Tower 728
Email: juliet.obrien@ubc.ca
She reads her email regularly on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. and should reply within 24 hours, sooner depending on the urgency of the matter.