COURSE INFORMATION: what, when, how, where, etc.

… and why …

Syllabus (I) & schedule:
—course description, syllabus (required materials, modes of assessment and distribution of marks, work and expectations, advice and assistance, policies), week-by-week schedule

Syllabus (II): THE RULES:
—Aims, objectives, expectations, responsibilities, grading criteria, plagiarism, extensions, tests and exams, and quick links to UBC policies

Course materials:
—information on the required textbook, with online component, that you will need for this course. If you took FREN 101 at any point between summer 2013 and winter 2017, this is the same textbook and you do not need to buy anything new; but you will need the new course code for iLrn.

Class times and locations & instructors’ contact information