Course schedule:
—week-by-week schedule / timetable, including due dates for assessed work

Course materials:
—information on the required textbook, with online component, that you will need for this course. If you took FREN 101 at any point between summer 2013 and winter 2016, this is the same textbook and you do not need to buy anything new; but you will need the new course code for iLrn.

Course materials (2): online:
—information on how to access and use your e-book and the online exercises

Horizons resources for compositions at the back of your textbook / last sections of the ebook:
—verb conjugation tables
—French → English lexicon
—English → French
—general index of topics

Resources for French
—useful for compositions: online dictionaries, how to type French accents, iLrn troubleshooting, French & Francophone resources in Vancouver and further afield

Revision guides:
—for the vocabulary quizzes, chapter tests, and final exam; plus extra revision materials on iLrn

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