Health GIS is the subject of September’s UBC GIS Users Group, hosted in Koerner Library.  The meeting will feature an informal discussion and presentations from a variety of people in Health GIS, including Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR), and the School of Population and Public Health.  Come hear how GIS is being used in the field of health research.  All are welcome.

Location: Koerner Library, Room 216 (Level 2)
Date and Time:  Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2011, 4:00 PM

For the next 4 weeks up to 175 Geog. students will be here researching the environmental and cultural history of the areas around Vancouver’s old streams. Tim has laid out the principal map and atlas resources for this assignment under signage on top of the map cabinets, and most students should be able to use these materials without staff help.

There are other suggested sources on their reading list, however, such as Canadian Newstand and several books, so you may get reference questions. Feel free to “plunge in”, time permitting, or refer students to Tim, at your option. Journal article searches in Geobase, Ac. Search Premier, America History & Life and Urban Studies Abstracts could also be useful.

You may find that many patrons are getting white screens when they try to log on to the public computers. The white screen is because their library accounts have not been activated yet. They should go to the Circulation Desk to get this taken care of. To get rid of the white screen, hit “ + left arrow” to go back to the login page, then cancel to go back to the CWL / library barcode login page. The arrow keys are between the main keyboard and the numbers.

The classics assignment that asks students to find the call numbers, call letters, and specific works in Classical Studies is back. Not sure of the due date, but I had 3 students on Friday afternoon looking for assistance with this assignment.


If you are looking for the vertical file cabinets, they have been removed from the reference collection.  The vertical file project is mostly complete as the vast majority of the material has been weeded from the OPAC.  You may come across some records in the catalogue that have yet to be removed as student assistants have a few more boxes that need to be withdrawn.  There are also 4 boxes of government documents, 2 boxes that were sent to RBSC, and 1 box of material that I have stored in my office for review.  This material is not retrievable at this point.  If you come across a vertical file record that has not been removed from the catalogue, please send me the link.

Thank you to Julia and Leah for their hard work on amassing a large file listing of the vertical file material.  This project would not have moved so quickly without their help.


Just an update on the vertical file for those who are on the reference desk:

Non-Cir VF

The noncirculating vertical file is no more.  The cabinets will be removed shortly.  There will continue to be records within the catalogue for this material but Aprille will be working on removing these records within the coming months.

Circ VF

The VF circ material is slowly being removed from the filing cabinets.  There are now many empty drawers as the material is going through a selection process and being removed from the catalogue.  Any material that has a catalogued record is either in the filing cabinets, at RBSC or the archive, or in my office awaiting decision.  Should any questions come to the research desk about the location of the material, discuss the reasoning behind the need for the material as the majority of the use of the VF circ have been undergraduate students searching for material for their papers.

Thanks ~ Erin

1. Visitors with their own laptops will have access to a special, trial network for the duration of the games:

UBC Wireless Trial Service – ubcvisitor

From:      12:00 Monday, 8 February 2010
To:        00:01 Monday, 22 March 2010

Reason:    Trial Guest services on the UBC Wireless network for the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Effects:   A trial ‘ubcvisitor’ wireless network is operating for the duration of the Winter Games. This allows campus Visitors to connect to the Internet for light web browsing. Service restrictions are in place such as limited bandwidth and limited accessible network ports.

Further description of the service is available at, or try it out from here.

Faculty, staff, and students are to continue using the ‘ubcsecure’ wireless network for full services and functionality.

Contact:   Help Desk support is not available with this service.
Visit or call 604-822-4115 for service bulletins and system alerts.

2. Visitors traveling without laptops will be able, as usual, to get temporary passes from Koerner Borrower Services to use computers in the library.  Staff upstairs are gearing up for a possible rush.

From UBC IT:

“A trial ‘ubcvisitor’ wireless network is operating for the duration of the Winter Games.  This allows campus Visitors to connect to the Internet for light web browsing.  Service restrictions are in place such as limited bandwidth and limited accessible network ports.”

For more info, see:

All problems or questions should be routed through the UBC IT Help Desk (not Library Systems and IT).


A patron may come back in to see this volume (DE5. P33). I couldn’t find it last night. It’s damaged and is in the back – Koerner Ref Staff area. I emailed to tell him that I have now found it (and by “I” – I mean Aprille). It isn’t shelved with the other books since the spine is too badly damaged, it is lying on a shelf by itself at eye level (5″8″) one shelf below where it would be if filed by call number.


Heads up for an assignment in Classical Studies 105. The students (more than 100) need the call number range for greek and roman archaeology, and the call ‘letters’ for ancient greek or roman politics and culture. I took the student to the LC site to look at call number ranges.


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