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My Proudest Achievement

My proudest achievement is definitely getting accepted to Sauder School of Business. It is not my proudest achievement because I got into one of the best business schools, and it is not my proudest achievement because I achieved what I aimed for. It is my proudest achievement because of the process that I went through to achieve it.

When I decided to study abroad, it also meant living and studying alone apart from my family.  I had a difficult time adapting to Ridley College but soon, my strong independence helped me to quickly absorb new environments. Although I was feeling much more comfortable with the new environment, it was hard to meet all the school’s requirements. Each and every step was hard and difficult but I thought these steps I take now would definitely make me shine in the future.

Since I needed to balance my academics, athletics, activities, and community services all together it was crucial to self-control and overcome all the temptations around me. I did sometimes fail to resist some temptations but I eventually figured out to work hard and release stress later on. I learned how to organize and manage time and got really good at it. By setting priorities, it was possible to study more effectively and efficiently. Moreover, by managing time, it was possible to digest the busy schedule at Ridley. Organization and time management was my key to be actively involved in academics, athletics, activities, and community services. As a result, I won the honor of the Ridley College Academic Tie for two consecutive years. And most importantly, I was able to release my stress using the extra time that resulted from my time management.

All the hard times I went through at Ridley is such a huge asset to me. I learned lots and lots. Not only academically but It was also a life lesson. It’s like I was a disassembled engine before going to Ridley and after I’m a quad turbocharged V12 ready to roar anywhere. I guess my next proudest achievement will be using this engine to successfully graduate Sauder School of Business!

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What I have learned about myself in class (Comm299)

Honestly I didn’t get the purpose of Comm299. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to spend time actually doing stuff for this half credit course. When I saw the assessment summary and saw “Resume & Cover letter” and “Interview” I knew that it was going to take lots of time and effort. I just hated it and complained to almost everybody from family to friends. I didn’t even get why I had to do an interview for a job that I didn’t even want and I will eventually not even get.

So did I just not care about Comm299? No… Although I said all that, I’m not a kind of a person who says “whatever”. I actually spent quite a lot of time and effort on my resume and cover letter and by the time I was finished I was getting into it. I actually wanted my interview to go well regardless of the mark I will get. Unfortunately, interviews were done on the week of midterms and I had an econ midterm coming up so I had to focus on studying econ. Unlike the time and effort I put in to my resume and cover letter, I couldn’t prepare for my interview. But since I still had in mind that I wanted my interview to go well regardless of the mark I will get, I got very nervous right before the interview. Result? 18/20.

Honestly, I never knew that I was capable to make an interview go well! Because…

  1. My first language is not English.
  2. Never been interviewed by someone.
  3. Not prepared.
  4. Got Very nervous.
  5. Did not favour this assignment in the first place.

I have learned that I can become passionate towards something I hated. If not passion what could it be that made it such a successful interview?

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Corporation with NO Heart. NO Passion.

Maybe there’s no such country like Korea. It’s a country that developed so rapidly that I.T. and shipbuilding industry are ranking number one in the world and ranking top ten among car manufacturing countries. Recently G20 Seoul Summit was held in Korea and back in October, Formula 1 was also held in Korea.
Two major worldwide events were held in a row in Korea and the entire universe focused its interest on Korea. Yes the G20 Seoul Summit was very successful (in my point of view) but what about F1? It was total lack of interest. Why is motorsports so not popular in Korea when Koreans are so enthusiastic about soccer and baseball? I say it’s because of Korea’s automobile manufacturers.

Motorsports is where car manufacturers compete each other by using their best technology, knowledge, and experience. Among all the motorsports, F1 is where car manufacturers show their ability to the limit. Do you think Ferrari spends millions and billions of dollars just for fun? Or just to win? Every technology that was developed and the knowledge and experience gained from F1 are reflected to the road cars they make. And that’s why Ferraris’ are superior.
Hyundai? I’d say a selfish corporation who sells cars and never tells you how to enjoy cars. When BMW, VW, and Audi opened driving schools and taught people how to drive properly and how to enjoy driving, what were you guys doing? When they opened these campaigns didn’t you guys feel anything? True Prestige? Just by saying it? Just through advertisements?
Not only this. Did Hyundai or Kia ever make a toy car for kids? BMW, MB, Audi, Porsche, Toyota, and even Hummer. Do you know why these companies care about making toy car for kids? Its called marketing which you guys suck at. If a kid grows up riding a Hyundai toy car, when he grows up would he say, “Hyundai sucks.” Or would he go like, “Oh… I remember riding my Hyundai toy car! Such a great memory.” You people (Hyundai) do it only if it makes money…Pathetic.

Oh…wait! So you guys know about motorsports? You guys built the Genesis Coupe? You call that a sports car when its made out of a Genesis Sedan platform? Oh but they’re saying its still a sports car because there’s a Genesis Coupe race. But it’s only composed of Genesis Coupes. What are you going to do by racing bunch of Genesis Coupes? Will there be gain in technology, knowledge, or experience? Never. Hyundai doesn’t even support these events. Guess why Hyundai doesn’t involve Genesis Coupe in other races. Because they’re afraid of loosing to Porsche or BMW on the track. Then why don’t you guys build a proper car and get involved in motorsports and show the world Hyundai’s ability!

In Korea, Hyundai maximizes its profit by lowering the unit cost of production as low as possible and selling the car at a much expensive price. In North America, Hyundai sells the same cars at half the price and gives almost lifetime warranty. They earn lots and lots of money. Honestly, they’re doing well. A corporation’s primary objective is to maximize its profit. But since they’ve reached that objective, they should make a “proper” car so that they can become a “proper” automobile manufacturer rather than continuing to unscrupulously quest for profit.
Despite the fact that Hyundai increases the price tag every year, many Koreans still purchase their cars from them. Compared to the price they pay, consumer benefit is gradually decreasing. Comprehending customer needs and wants and reflecting that to make a product. Using social marketing. I knew about these before I came to Sauder and I’m learning in depth about these through my first year classes at Sauder. I guess Hyundai doesn’t have people who achieved a BCom degree.

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Entrepreneurship that made Men HAPPY

Even before Ferruccio Lamborghini started Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., he was already a successful entrepreneur. He was a self-made millionaire through building tractors from left over army supplies. Brilliant thinking.

Being a millionaire and having lots of interest in fast cars, Ferruccio Lamborghini bought high speed GT cars including a Ferrari. The Ferrari he bought had clutch problems so Ferruccio Lamborghini himself came up with recommendations and visited Ferrari to meet Enzo Ferrari. Apparently, Enzo Ferrari ignored this “farmer” and told him to get lost.
From this moment Ferruccio Lamborghini had only one thing in mind. To build cars that overwhelms Ferraris. After he had a clear strong objective he went to pursue it, and the result? A faster, better GT car than any Ferrari that existed at that time. His entrepreneurship continues with Lamborghini today trying to pursue the king of supercars.
So what can we learn from Ferruccio Lamborghini? He was not afraid of taking a step forward even though he didn’t know what was out there and he had a clear strong objective that he wanted to achieve from the new business. Moreover he didn’t vaguely start building cars. He had plans and he executed accordingly to fulfill his vision. Most important of all, he had great passion towards the business. With his clear vision, great passion, and faith in himself, he was able to create one of the most beautiful things in the world that all men admire for.

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Age of Temptations

I WANT to go for a drive, grab a snack, and come home and get a good sleep. But knowing that I need to do the tasks that I have planned for today, I control myself and start my eighth post. It’s the willpower.

What causes lack of willpower that results things like overeating, overspending, and under saving? Temptations. We are overflowed with temptations. Think about it, people’s wants are endless and everything and anything available with just a click these days.

So is there a way to increase the willpower? Yes. The most important step is to be aware that you are tempted. Be aware that you spend endless time on facebook. Be aware that you do impulse purchases. Be aware that you are tempted by high calorie snacks. And rather than stopping those behaviors at once, every time you get tempted, choose not to do so. DO NOT CLICK

Moreover increasing your willpower will make you become a wise consumer. At first when you encounter a situation of purchasing a product, you will be internally (lifestyle, personality, motivation, beliefs, feelings) and externally (culture, royalty, social class, past experience) influenced. But then you also have your willpower that makes you self-control and think one more time whether to buy or not buy a product.

And as I’m finishing up this posting, I learned that you sometimes get rewarded for controlling yourself. Now I’m done writing my eighth post thanks to my willpower and I can go for a drive, grab a snack, and come home and get a good sleep!

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Passion & Love

How can firms effectively serve customers? Through positive organizational culture? By motivating employees through rewards? Or maybe creating a fun atmosphere at the work place like Google and Zappos?

All the above are reasonable answers. But is it a must for firms to manage, motivate, and manipulate employees in order to effectively serve customers? Aren’t there any employees who love their work and have passion towards it so they tend to motivate other employees and derive a positive atmosphere to the workplace?

I actually happen to know a person who does exactly so. His name is Jintae Hyung. He is a team leader of Deutsch Motors in Korea. Because he had so much passion and towards MINI, he decided to quit his job and work as a MINI dealer. It is possible to assume that getting extrinsic rewards for work effort that was previously rewarding intrinsically might decrease the level of motivation. In his case, it was the total opposite. Because he once was a customer of MINI and because he knows about MINI better than any other dealers, he exactly knows and understands what customers want. As a result, last year his sales result ranked top 3 and this year he sold 100 MINIs. He has been ranking No.1 since the start of this year and his average monthly sales is twice of other employees’. His passion and love towards his work not only made him the best dealer, but also influenced his co-workers. Thanks to his outstanding sales figures, well-intentioned competition is formed among co-workers.

His performance and the fact that he was promoted to a team leader faster than anyone else shows direct relationship to the fact that he worked with passion and love. The most important of all, no matter what, he tries to enjoy his job 24/7.

It is clear that working with passion and enjoying your job most likely maximizes performance and creates positive atmosphere among the workplace. You definitely can’t find high levels of job stress, emotional burnout, and job dissatisfaction.

(Although its in Korean…)
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Least Sustainable Country?

North Korea’s relationship with South Korea hasn’t been smooth at all since March 2010. North Korea’s attack to South Korea’s battleship (I’m still shocked and cannot believe that North Korea actually sunk South Korea’s battleship and killed 46 innocent soldiers) completely destroyed what two countries have built up from the past. About…

It has been 7 months since this terrible incident and not much has changed. People thought that there is something wrong with the investigation and the government used social media to reduce social impact. Now most people don’t question about the incident. Even North Korea did not announce anything regarding to the incident till this day. And now, North Korea is requesting half a million tons of rice and 300,000 tons of fertilizer aid in exchange for regularizing reunion events for separated families. Can you believe this? After what they’ve done to South Korea and still not admitting and refusing to comment on the incident, they’re requesting rice and fertilizer aid out of the blue for regularizing reunion events?

On the other hand, it is possible to see how urgent North Korea is in sustaining they’re country. Sustainability comes from the balance between the environment, economy and the society. None of the three factors are functioning properly in North Korea. For example more than half of the children in North Korea is undernourished and North Korea’s authorities do not look offering sufficient food to its people as a number one priority. I really want to know what the leader of North Korea is thinking in his head.

However, since regularizing reunion events is another important task for South Korea, the government has decided to send 5,000 tons of rice. Regardless of this aid, if North Korea resists changing, they will never be able to sustain their country and their people and one of the three factors is going to collapse. Soon.

I express my deepest condolences to the deceases.
삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

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Korea to Host 17th Race of 2010 F1!

When they first announced that the 17th race of 2010 Formula 1 is going to be held in South Korea, I was so surprised. F1 held in a country that only has two circuits? F1 held in a country that makes cars with no passion? F1 held in a country where 99% of the people have zero interest in motorsports? It just didn’t make sense. Myself, being the 1% who loves cars with passion and have great interest in motorsports, thought 2010 F1 Korean Grand Prix is going to be the flare for motorsports culture to become more active in Korea.

As life always is, things aren’t always smooth. The 17th race of 2010 Formula 1 is scheduled to be from October 22 to 24. Only two weeks left, Korea’s F1 circuit is not ready to host the race. Officials say they are close to finishing up and that there will be no problem hosting the 17th race. Even if the Korean Grand Prix goes well, world F1 fans already have an impression that Korea lacks preparedness and passion for motorsports. I blame the Korean government. It was only the 1% who are like me that shouted for joy. Most of the people didn’t care. Despite the fact that most of the Koreans don’t have interest in motorsports, the government did not support F1 coming to Korea. Isn’t this the perfect time to use the power of social media? They barely used social media to let people know about the 2010 F1 Korean Grand Prix. It is true that the Korean government is not the only one that can use social media but there is definitely a limit for the 1% to use social media and draw attention to the 99%. Moreover, if the Korean government thought deeply, they could have used social media to let the world know about Korea better and ultimately give good impressions to people who visit Korea to watch the F1.

Best of luck to the 2010 F1 Korean Grand Prix.

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Dear authorities of Korea.

Hope you do know the level of importance.

Olympics = World Cup = Formula 1

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South Korea & EU, FTA comes TRUE!!!

After three years of negotiation, South Korea and European Union (EU) officially signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). I can’t explain how glad I am. Despite all the political issues and problems, I’m really proud of my country. As far as I know, South Korea is one of the first countries in East Asia that signed the FTA with EU. South Korea will have greater access to EU markets compared to competing countries.

Globally, and especially in South Korea, unemployment crisis is insane. The good news is that through the FTA with EU, 253,000 work places will be created. In other words, 253,000 people will get a job. Moreover, the gross domestic product is forecasted to increase by 5.6% in the long term.

The economics benefit that comes from the FTA is enormous. Abolition of tariffs will allow imported goods to have a competitive price resulting as invigoration of markets. Invigoration of markets will lead to consumption of consumers. This will vitalize the economy. Thus, through FTA between South Korea and EU, a positive circular flow of economy will be created.

I really do hope that South Korea will leap into the ranks of the developed nations in the near future.

Honestly, do you know what I’m really glad about?
Abolition of tariffs on German cars = Hyundai at huge risk.

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