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From 2010 till now, 10 Cochrane standard author training workshops are held in 8 cities across Iran (Mashhad, Tabriz, Urmia, Ahvaz, Isfahan, Sari, Tehran, Yazd). More than 200 participants including clinicians, professors and PhD students of health sciences are trained.  As a founder and an international coordinator of Iranian Cochrane Network (established in 2014), I have trained more than 10 facilitators and 5 trainers all of whom participate in annual training workshops. Iranian Cochrane network has a network of trainers, facilitators, mentors, translators, promoters and is now moving toward establishing a Cochrane in Iran by involving the Ministry of Health. Thanks to Mr. Mark Wilson, the CEO of Cochrane, and strong team work of Iranian Cochrane Network, Iran will become a Cochrane center in near future.

Webiar series:

In an ongoing effort to educate peers and in respond to requests from my former students and colleagues, I have initiated a series of webinars for graduate students and academics in Iran and abroad.  These webinars started from May 2010 and continued till today. Several topics were covered. Here is the series of webinars that I have presented to 50 academic members from 8 universities in Iran (Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Yasouj, Yazd, Ahvaz, Tehran, Tarbiat Modares) and some Iranian international PhD candidates and academics from USA, Malaysia, Australia, Canada).  Till now, our group has held six series of webinar for other academic audiences focused on teaching the Cochrane Systematic Review. The archived series of webinars published here were held for 12 consecutive weekly sessions. I am grateful to the University of Monash, Steve McDonald and Miranda Cumpson for their constant support. Slides are standard material from Cochrane collaboration.

Please note that 3 sessions (session 9, 11 and 12) were slide-less hands-on presentation on learning  the Revman software. Exercises and assignments are not included here, but are available upon request.

1. Introduction v1.0

2. Writing a protocol v1.0

3. Defining a review question v1.0

4. Searching for studies 070910

5. Selecting studies – eligibility checklist 010610

6. Assessing risk of bias in included studies 080910

7. Calcualting risks

8. heterogenity

9 and 10.AboutArchieAndRevMan-Cardiff2010

9 and 10.AboutArchieAndRevMan-Cardiff2010

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