Fly with me

For every academic, practising across geopolitical boarders perpetually leads to an awareness of differences between cultures, and learning behaviours. Firstly, the cultural differences are often intertwined with considerations of values embedded in every culture. Secondly, the learning behaviour is dependent upon many factors including access to technology, distance learning, facilities as well as competent teachers who are critical thinkers and motivational creators. Equally, willingness to learn is an inseparable part of the learning behaviour. The later is shared by most of the learning enthusiasts across the globe.

Butterfly Flowers

Pursuit of knowledge will never die among those who enjoy learning no matter how different they find the surrounding culture and learning behaviours compared with what they are familiar with. To fully enjoy the learning process, no matter how much assistance one gets through faultless technology, accomplished professors or astonishing facilities, one must feel the sense of enjoyment to pursue learning. To me, learning is like flying. You can fly to any direction, but you will only get to your intended destination, if you fly a certain way. When in school, you are thought how to fly. When you graduate, you are expected to know how to fly and in which direction. If you find a job, people assume that you have learned everything that there is to know about flying. But, that does not contain the entire truth. Learning is a never ending process. And that is the beauty of learning. In its essence it seeks the perfection, characteristics of utopia.

There is also so much pleasure in teaching others how to fly. The ultimate reward is that when you teach someone else, you become much better at flying yourself. Does that mean teachers know everything? Again, that is not entirely correct. We are all in this collectively. We fly, rise up and enjoy the sun, the air and the sense of freedom and the pleasure of understanding, comprehension, and the fruit of knowledge. But none of us are flawless. So, let’s fly together. Teach and learn from each other. It is the pleasure of flying that counts.


Fly as free as a butterfly but live forever through the body of knowledge that you leave behind

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