Reproductive Epidemiology and Advanced Biostatistics


From 7th of February 2013, I started a new training program on reproductive epidemiology and advanced biostatistics for an international group of reproductive health specialists. I hold the webinar series for 2 hours on Thursday mornings every week from 8-10 am Vancouver time, from firs week of February till late March . I will post the slides on-line for the registered members and present learning examples on reproductive health issues relevant to current research.  If you are a reproductive health specialist and are interested to attend the sessions, send me an email. I will be happy to provide you with the material. Join our team of reproductive health specialist, today for free education. My objective is to promote women’ health, to improve the provision of effective patient counselling, to establish the frequency of antenatal surveillance and to create a network of researchers who are interested in  reproductive health.

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