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The Heart of a Theatre

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Over at The Guardian’s Theatre blog, actor and writer Molly Flatt posts a short piece on British theatres and their accompanying bars:

The bar has always been at the heart of a theatre. Not so long ago, it was most likely to be a humble, unlovely little corner where you would anaesthetise the pain of the third act with a watery ale, or hang around in the hope of getting a sweaty handshake from a track-suited off-duty thesp. It may have been a functional, haphazardly stocked meeting place, but the company was lively, local and usually worth a hangover.

Our own unlovely little corner of the Frederic Wood remains dry most of the time (liquor-licensing on campus is not for the faint of heart!) but it definitely makes intermissions and after-show discussion a little warmer if there is a glass of wine to be had. What do you like to see in a bar at a theatre? Let us know in the comments what your favourite theatre bar is either in Vancouver or beyond.

Patrons attending our current production of Medea (opening tonight at the Telus Studio Theatre in the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts!) will be able to enjoy a well-stocked bar as the Chan Centre runs their libation-dispensing operation year round. So come to the Chan and enjoy a drink before the show.See you there and cheers!

social media madness

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Tweet, post or get out of the way – social media is here to stay. To bring yourself up to date with the best of the Vancouver internet media, who are hooked into culture, fashion, politics and, well every li’l thing, check out Rebecca Bollwitts “Best of 604” Awards. Ms. Bollwitt, better known as “Miss604” is a rising internet entrepreneur and social media specialist.

all the www’s a stage…

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

it’s not enough to email, Facebook, twitter, log into Java Life or even Second Life, nope. just about everybody is blogging these days.  i need a whole new vocabulary. today’s word is:


A splog is a fake blog generated by a machine with the purpose of generating higher search engine rankings for one or more web sites/pages. machine generated content can even leave comments on legitimate blogs with links to the splog. I just read that over 70% of blogs (and over 75% of overall posts) on Google’s blog host “Blogger” are splogs. but did i get that factoid from a cleverly disguised splog?? Good grief. For more blogging whys and wherefores check out Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2008

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