First Nations VS BC Hydro: Site C Shutdown

Canadian electric company BC Hydro has aspirations of constructing a $8 Billion project which they hope will increase British Columbia’s energy capacity. However, many aboriginal communities in the surrounding areas are concerned because they believe that the project will create significant issues regarding fishing opportunities as well as the aboriginal way of life. As a result of this the aboriginal chiefs are urging Prime Minister Harper to reject the request from BC Hydro.


Site C. Photo Courtesy of

The Aboriginal Community in British Columbia is going against BC Hydro and this significantly affects BC Hydros plan to follow through with this project. Although in the long run this project can prove beneficial for British Columbians, I believe that ethically, it is not the right thing for BC Hydro to do. Part of running a good and successful business is practicing good ethics and I believe that BC Hydro should take a step back and think of other ways that will be beneficial for both themselves and the Aboriginal Community. This protest from the Aboriginal community is causing BC Hydro to rethink there business plan in order to satisfy the needs of the First Nations, British Columbians and themselves as well, which will ultimately be the best business decision moving forward.


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