Hockey Fight in Canada: Rogers vs Bell

Early Thursday Morning, CEO of Rogers Communication Inc. Guy Laurence responded to Bell Canada Enterprises complaint regarding the hockey broadcast regulations in Canada claiming that they are trying to “stifle innovation.” Back in November of 2013 Rogers signed a 12 year deal which granted them rights to all NHL games. Since the NHL season has started Rogers has offered the ability for hockey fans across Canada to watch hockey unlike ever before, with an interactive service that allows viewers to watch from a variety of camera angles. However there is a catch, you must be a Rogers customer and as a result Bell has filed a complaint to the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.


I believe that since Rogers has bought the rights to the games they should also have the rights to control how they wish to distribute their content. For Rogers this has been a huge investment which has affected their profit in the third quarter, and Rogers believes it is a necessary step in order for the business to grow and ultimately attract more internet or wireless customers. I agree with Rogers’ plan moving forward however I believe that in order for this goal of theirs to be possible they must continue to control the viewing rights and distribution of content as well. If Bell or any other company was to seize control of this, they would either take or maintain all the customers that Rogers is trying to acquire with their deal with the NHL.

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