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Crowdfunding for Covid-19 Upgrades

Since the café was shut down back in March due to Covid-19, Agora has been facing financial difficulties that would make it hard for us to reopen safely. With the start of November, we are launching our 1-month crowdfunding campaign. Before the café can reopen in the future, the café requires upgrades that meet the safety standards set out by UBC and the province of BC. This campaign allows us to raise enough money to purchase the necessary equipment and materials that will allow us to implement our safety strategy. This includes the installation of plexiglass, PPE, and proper sanitation methods. $1500 was calculated to be the necessary amount of funds needed to facilitate our reopening.

Agora Café appreciates any help that we receive from people like you. Even if you are not in a position to give, we encourage that you share our campaign ( and our social media posts with your friends and family. The shift to online learning has posed a great challenge to us by hindering our ability to connect with students and faculty, but we thank you to those who continue to support us online.

Support our crowdfunding campaign below and surf our website to learn about our café and the people who run it. The multiple ways that you can support us can be found here. THANK YOU!!

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