Volunteers needed!!

Hi everyone!

Well, summer’s almost over and that means Agora Cafe will be back up and running soon for the new school year – but not without your help!  We would love for you to come down every week and help us run this awesome cafe!  Our volunteers in the past have been hard working, dedicated individuals who are open to learning new things and working on a team.  If that sounds like you, please fill out an application!  Volunteers are needed throughout the day and in the evenings as well for the prep shifts, so we’re sure you will be able to fit it into your busy schedules.

Why volunteer with Agora Cafe?  We stand for everything that’s cool in the Land and Food Systems faculty.  We prepare and serve as much local and organic food as possible (lots of it is from the Orchard Garden just steps from our door!) as well as making everything affordable for students.  Plus our food is delicious! Who can resist our granola bars?!  Agora Cafe is a teaching cafe, so it’s a great place to learn about the food service industry and gain experience.

Please fill out an application and get your friends to too!  We look forward to working with you!


Anita and Emily

Agora Cafe Co-General Managers

Sorry! We are a bit low-tech at the moment, so please copy and paste this application into an email and send it to Katie, our Human Resources Manager at with Agora Application in the subject line. Thank you!!


Due: 9pm on Sunday September 9th

First name:

Last name:

Year level:



Phone number:

New volunteer: Yes___    No___

Food Safe Level I certification (Please note that Food Safe certification is required for all volunteers. Refer to main website regarding sign up for Food Safe Level I courses): Yes___    No___

T-shirt size (Optional. Please note that T-shirts cost $12): S___   M___    L____  No T-shirt___

Please indicate your top 3 preferred shifts (Please note, the shifts are in 2 hour blocks, so that you have enough time to get to and from class without leaving early. We require general volunteers Monday-Friday from 9am-3:50pm and prep shift volunteers for one shift Monday-Thursday from 3:30pm-6pm; an example of a general shift would be Tuesday 11am-12:50pm)

  1. ______________
  2. ______________
  3. ______________

Thank you for your application. You will receive an email by Wednesday, September 12th regarding your application status and with information about the mandatory volunteer training day.

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