What does eating at Agora Café feel like?

Missing Agora? Want to know what a typical day feels like? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Throwback to a chilly, breezy autumn day on campus. Crunchy leaves the colour of fire littered the ground while sombre clouds hung low in the sky. They weren’t quite dark enough to signal rain, but you brought an umbrella expecting the worst, anyways. Class just ended, crowds poured onto main mall, but most concerning was that your stomach grumbled. You forgot your wallet at home… again, but distilling the contents of your jacket pocket produced a 5 dollar bill. 5 dollars won’t get me much you thought, but you knew just the place.

A lineup?!! Well, it was expected. At noon everyone was as hungry as you are. A familiar smell of coffee slithered its way down the lineup, but your keen nose was picking up wisps of something else. You knew what it was even before you advanced far enough in the line to see the whiteboards at the front. Chickpea Curry! “What can I get you?” asked the cashier, and the words were already slipping out of your mouth. You had your doubts whether 5 dollars would be enough, but 3 people in front of you flashed the same blue bills to order the exact same thing. You now had doubts about whether there was enough curry left. The cashier assured there was plenty and even gave you back change… 50 cents, to be exact.

Moments later, a steamy plate with your name on it left the counter in your hands. You dashed to claim the last available table… 2 chairs missing. They didn’t give you a spoon. Twas a simple mistake, no biggy, you would go ask for one, and hopefully, no one would take your table. With a stroke of luck, your friends appear planning to get some food too. They hold the table while you quickly ask for a spoon. They stole a few chairs when you return, and very soon, you were all griping about that midterm exam last night.


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