MECH 479 Computational Fluid Dynamics

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Synopsis: Techniques for numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations, including an introduction to the finite difference, finite volume and finite element approaches. Simulation of laminar and turbulent flows, including common turbulent models. Validation techniques.

Topics Covered

  • Review of Governing Equations (One week)
  • Numerical Differentiation (One-Two weeks)
  • Numerical Integration (One Week)
  • Finite Volume  (One Week)
  • Finite Element (One Week)
  • Heat Equation (One Week)
  • Wave Equation (One Week)
  • Advection Diffusion Equation (One-Two Weeks)
  • Turbulence (One-Two Weeks)

Grading: There will be 5-6 homework assignments (20%). There will one exam (50%) and a final project for the remaining 30%.