MECH 481 Aerodynamics of Aircraft

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 Synopsis: Low speed aerodynamics of airfoils, wings, wind tunnels.

Topics Covered

  • Review of Vector Fields and Vector Integral Calculus (One-Two weeks)
  • Review of Dimensional Analysis and Control Volume Approach (One week)
  • Special Form of Governing Equations (Two Weeks)
  • Potential Flow Approximation (Two Weeks)
  • Complex Variables and Conformal Transformation (Two Weeks)
  • General Thin Airfoil Theory (Two Weeks)
  • Flow over Infinite Wings  (One Week)
  • Flow over Finite Wings (One-Two Week)
  •  Viscous Flow and Boundary Layer Theory (One Week)
  • Advanced Topics (Time Permitting)

Grading: There will be 6-8 homework assignments (20%). There will be one exam (50%) and two projects for the remaining 30%.