MECH 481: Notes

0. Overview (2017) Click here

1.1 Notes on Vector Fields Click here

1.2 Notes on Vector Integral Calculus Click here

1.3 Notes on Integral Calculus (2017) Click here

2. Notes on Dimensional Analysis (2017)  Click here

3. Notes on Control Volume Approach (2017)  Click here

4.1 Notes on Governing Equations I Click here

4.2 Notes on Governing Equations II Click here

4.3 Notes on Governing Equations  (2017) Click here

5.1 Notes on Potential Flow (2017) Click here

5.2 Lumped Vortex Element – Mirror Image (2017)  Click here

5.3 Notes on Method of Images (2017) Click here

5.4 Potential Flow Around a Flat Plate (2017)  Click here

5.5 Discrete Vortex Element  Click here

6.1 Notes on Complex Variables I Click here

6.2 Notes on Complex Variables II Click here

7.1 Notes on Conformal Transformation Click here

7.2 Notes on Joukowski Transformation  Click here

7.3 Notes on symmetrical Airfoil Profile Click here

7.4 Notes on Cambered Airfoil Profile Click here

8.1 Notes on Point Singularity Elements  Click here

8.2 Notes on General Thin-Airfoil Theory (2017) Click here

8.3 Notes on Flapped Airfoil and Jet Flap Click here

9.   Notes on Biot-Savat Law and V-Formation Flight  Click here

10. Notes on Flow Over Finite Wings  (2017) Click here

10.0 Example on General Lift Distribution for Finite Wings Click here

11.1 Notes on Boundary Layer I (2017) Click here

11.2 Notes on Boundary Layer II (2017) Click here

11.3 Similarity Solutions to Boundary Layer Click here

12.1 Notes on Turbulence Click here