Grad Book Sale!

If you’re already thinking about textbooks and thinking to yourself, “you know, I’m not really in the mood to max out my PLOC (professional line of credit) and spend a hundred million dollars on those…”, we’ve got you covered!

The Grapi8i1duation Committee organizes a used textbook sale every year and this year, we will be ready to go with the 1L books for Orientation Week. We will have all your 1L books available and we have a wide array of barely used to heavily highlighted (good if you want to selectively read!) textbooks with a similarly wide range of prices. Keep a lookout for announcements or notices about when and where the sale will be happening – it will likely begin on Day 2 of O-Week. So don’t you fret, you can save yourself a few hundred dollars and still have your first week readings done (even though, let’s be honest, the first week readings are so unnecessary, but we all know you’ll read them anyway, because we did).

Please support this year’s graduating class and you will forever have our gratitude. We’re looking forward to meeting you!


-Rosalyn and Melissa

PS: for all you upper years that are reading this, your books will be ready during the first week of classes. If you haven’t dropped off your books yet, contact Melissa or me to arrange that.

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