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Business Strategy (graduate):
BASM 501 (MBA), BASM 550 (MM)
The main objective of this course is to endow students with practical analytical tools. Allowing them to analyze, understand, and elaborate successful business strategies.

Strategic Management (undergrad): COMM 491 (Major), COEC 491 (Econ), COMM 493 (Minor)
The main objective of this class is to endow students with practical analytical tools. Allowing them to analyze and understand successful business strategies.

Teaching Assistant
Northwestern University, 2008-12
Graduate (Ph.D. level): Microeconomic Theory II (3 times), Microeconomic Theory III (2 times).
Undergraduate: Industrial Economics; Competition, Monopoly, and Public policy (x2); Intermediate Microeconomics (x2)

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2002-07 (in Spanish)
Graduate (Ms and Ph.D. level): Microeconomic Theory, Mathematical Economics, Financial Economics (x2)
MBA: Introduction to Economics (x2)
Undergraduate: Introduction to Economics (x2), Intermediate Microeconomics I (x2), Intermediate Microeconomics II (x2), Intermediate Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization (x2).

Teaching Material (in Spanish)
[1] Introducción a las Ecuaciones Diferenciales y a la Programación en MATLAB [pdf]
[2] Álgebra Matricial [pdf]

Fellowships and Awards
[1] Northwestern University, Economics Department, Distinguished Teaching Assistant 2011-12 and 2008-09
[2] Northwestern University, Teaching Assistant Fellow, 2011-12