Álvaro Parra

Alvaro ParraContact Information
Office: HA 274
604.822.6409 (office)
604.822.8477 (fax)
alvaro.parra [at] sauder.ubc.ca

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September 2018 (Revised Version):
Announcing High Prices to Deter Innovation (with Guillermo Marshall[pdf]

August 2018 (Revised version):
Sequential Innovation, Patent Policy, and the Dynamics of the Replacement Effect [pdf]

July 2018 (Revised version):
Innovation and Competition: The role of the Product Market (with Guillermo Marshall) [pdf]

June 2018 (New paper):
Second-Price Auction with Participation Costs (with José Espín-Sanchez and Yuzhou Wang) [pdf]

April 2018 (New paper):
Entry Games Under Private Information (with José Espín-Sanchez[pdf]