Álvaro Parra

[1] Sequential Innovation, Patent Policy, and the Dynamics of the Replacement Effect (draft: January 2019[pdf] [Online Appendix]
(Accepted, RAND Journal of Economics)

[2] Announcing High Prices to Deter Innovation [with Guillermo Marshall] [pdf]  (Revision Requested by Management Science )(draft: September 2018)

[3] Second-Price Auctions with Participation Costs [with José Espín-Sanchez and Yuzhou Wang] [pdf]

[4] Innovation and Competition: The role of the Product Market [with Guillermo Marshall] [pdf] (draft: July 2018)
(Revision Requested by International Journal of Industrial Organization)

[5] Entry Games Under Private Information [with José Espín-Sanchez] [pdf] [Online Appendix]

[6] Entrepreneurship Innovation, Patent Protection, and Industry Dynamics, with Gerard Llobet and Javier Suárez.  (Revision Requested by the RAND Journal of Economics—Joined paper for the revision).

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