Álvaro Parra

I am an applied theorist whose research interest lies in the intersection between Industrial Organization, Microeconomic Theory, and Strategy. My research has often focused on the economics of innovation, competition policy, and market entry.  Recently, I have been exploring how market competition affects the provision of health insurance and the health outcomes of individuals.


I am in the 2023-24 Job Market!! I am happy to announce that I will be joining
Dalhousie’s Econ department next summer!


[7] Optimal insurance contracts under moral hazard
[with Ralph Winter] [pdf]
Accepted, The Handbook of Insurance

[6] Monopsony Power and Upstream Innovation
[with Guillermo Marshall] [pdf] [slides]
Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 72(2), June 2024, pp. 1005–1020

[5] Equilibrium Uniqueness in Entry Games with Private Information
[with José Espín-Sanchez and Yuzhou Wang] [pdf] [Online Appendix] [slides]
RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 54(3), August 2023, pp. 512–540

[4] Early-Stage Venture Financing
[with Ralph Winter] [pdf]
Journal of Corporate Finance, Vol. 77, December 2022: 102291

[3] Announcing High Prices to Deter Innovation
[with Guillermo Marshall] [pdf]
Management Science, Vol. 67(4), April 2021, pp. 2448–2465

[2] Innovation and Competition: The Role of the Product Market
[with Guillermo Marshall] [pdf] [slides]
International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 65, July 2019, pp. 221-247
    • 2019’s IJIO Best Theoretical Paper Award.

[1] Sequential Innovation, Patent Policy, and the Dynamics of the Replacement Effect
[pdf] [Online Appendix] [slides]
RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 50(3), September 2019, pp. 568–590

[1] On the Interaction between Patent Screening and its Enforcement
[with Gerard Llobet and Javier Suárez]  [pdf] [slides]

[2] Health Insurance Markets with Endogenous Risks
[with Vitor Luz Farinha] [pdf]

[3] Efficiency in Second-Price Auctions with Participation Costs
[with José Espín-Sanchez] [pdf]

[4] Mergers in Innovative Industries: A Dynamic Framework
[with Guillermo Marshall] [pdf]

[5] When to License Sequential Inventions [pdf]

[6] Second Price Auction with Participation Costs
[with José Espín-Sanchez and Yuzhou Wang] [pdf]
This paper was subsumed by publication [5].

[1] Herculean Equilibrium and Risk Dominance
[with José Espín-Sanchez] (in preparation)

[2] Location, Spillovers, and Patent Races

[3] Vertical Structure, Downstream innovation, and Pricing
[with Guillermo Marshall]

Contact Information
Office: HA 274
604.822.6409 (office)
604.822.8477 (fax)
alvaro.parra [at] sauder.ubc.ca