This post has no real value.

We’re sorry to report that our Ladies of the AMS Highly Scientific Flow Chart has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances (a.k.a we forgot).  In the meantime, you can brighten up your council times with these fun quotes from ACTUAL DEBATERS from today!  Remember, K & T are lazy as all get-out, so these quotes are paraphrased.  Corrections in the comments, plz, and don’t get too upset if we rearranged erroneously 🙁

Sometimes you’ll find yourself sort of the Lone Ranger on council who has an idea of the financial situation [and you’ll have to educate some fools].
– Tom

Prompting this image:

But who is his Tonto??? (Gerald Deo photo)

Lobby days, for those of you who are unaware, are where we send everyone to Victoria to stay in hotels and lobby the provincial government, which costs us over $9000.
– Tim

“Wait, did he just— did that just— OMFG” – Internet Nerds on the side

auuuuuugh too much internets (Gerald Deo photo)

Note to other internet nerds: there is only one intentional meme in this image.  If you see another one, it’s because I can’t draw.

Note to non-internet nerds: Don’t get it? Here you go.

And, finally, on a personal note, Aaron Palm is a goddamn champion.  He may not have won the debates, but for his straight shooting and excellent choice of headgear, he has won our hearts.  Congratulations, sir, and may your JD flow freely and all your future endeavors be successful.  For Chuck Norris Aaron Palm, each testicle IS larger than the other one.


(Foxtrot, we expect you’ll have something to add to that.)

3 thoughts on “This post has no real value.

  1. Sasa

    HAHAHA, so I was totally working on a Spectator post with Aaron Palm’s head on Chuck Norris’s body and I was even going to use that same picture of Norris. Back to the drawing board

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