Voter Funded Building?

Henry Angus must be rolling in his grave. If you aren’t in Commerce, you probably haven’t heard of this referendum/Sauder/Henry Angus/my building/millions of dollars thing that’s been happening. Yeah, we don’t really give a fuck either.

we couldn't ignore that Dean Dan looks a bit like we threw in a political/sexy/economics joke #FTW

HOWEVER. If you are in Commerce, you should vote in this referendum that you probably know everything about. Why? Because you may or may not be paying an extra $500/year. Money talks, isn’t that what you kids learn? Oh FUCK WHAT, we have no idea.

So instead of us banging our heads on desks and making our brains bleed with research, we give you some links instead so we can lay our little democracy heads to sleep tonight.

The fine boys over at Issues That Matter have done a great job of putting together an opinion piece on what this means for UBC as a whole (and trust us, it’s written in plain English and actually isn’t boring), plus the Yes/No counter point articles.

There’s always the surprise third place winner of VFM, Social Capital. This one makes our brain hurt, and the comments even more so. Don’t forget about FoxtrotUBC either! Oh, and here’s the official website which may or may not be biased, but is nonetheless beautiful (take note, AMS Elections Guru!)

There are videos, and formsprings, and Facebook pages, oh my!

So please, just go and make an educated vote. Prove Plato wrong and VOTE HERE (aha! An Arts reference!)

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