Bijan, Your Argument is Invalid

So, our little mission statement is “exposing the down and dirty of UBC politics.” While we certainly enjoy exposing the down (who’s single? who’s dating who?), it does pain us to expose the dirty politics. While the AMS has had it’s low points (the UN, Gaza) it hasn’t been all that petty (except for Lettergate). Until today, with the slanderous behaviour of the AMS’ President, Bijan Ahmadian with his latest bullshit video, specifically around the 4:24 mark. If you want to see how dirty politics is played out, you might want to check out Blackbox UBC’s bitchslapping of councillors.

He’s taken endorsements to the whole new level with a video not only disendorsing one of his current executives, but slandering him at the same time. He still has to work with Jeremy for a month. Not only is this embarrassing and disgraceful to the entire Alma Mater Society, Bijan is once again failing with public relations and using his status to discredit his executive.

At the end of the day, Bijan, you’re a “31 year old who has yet to graduate and has a talent show as your achievement,” and your argument is invalid.

*Full Disclosure: Kai, one of the founding editors of Confidential and currently a contributor of sparkly surveys galore, is dating Jeremy McElroy. She didn’t contribute anything to this post.*

Argument: “I led a campaign where 3200 students signed a petition in favour of rapid transit…and, consequently, they changed the regional growth strategy.”

Invalid! Elin actually had to take this project on with Jeremy. Also, 3200 signatures out of like, 46 000 students isn’t really that great, so I don’t know why anyone is wanting to claim this as their own anyway. While Metro Van made UBC and Surrey equal priorities, the person sitting beside me says that “everyone knows that’s bullshit and South Surrey will come out on top…it’s a waste of time.”

Argument: “It should have been the VP External Jeremy McElroy doing this work.”

Invalid! It was.

Argument: “He has told me that the AMS President’s role is to be the public opposition to the university”

Invalid! This is slander, I asked Jeremy if he said that and he assured me he didn’t. He also talked about working WITH the university at the debate tonight, so there’s that.

Argument: “We’ve had too many insiders in the AMS President’s office”

Invalid! While we think the nod to UBC Insiders, intentional or not, is hilarious, it’s actually ridiculous. Bijan ran on the basis that he’s been at UBC for 11 years or whatever in his election, and threw that around like it was the greatest thing to ever hit the AMS. To all of a sudden switch to thinking that it is essential for a “regular student” to be in the Presidents office is hypocritical.

Oh, and talking about how Mike Moll is SOOO COOL because he LIVED IN TOTEM, ran for things, and plays the SAXOPHONE. Well, Jeremy McElroy LIVED IN TOTEM and ran for things and plays the SAXOPHONE. Hilarious.

Basically, Bijan made a video endorsing all the people that he handpicked to run in the elections and threw it all under his glorious header as the 101st President of the AMS. Classy.

“University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small.” – Henry Kissinger

Play nice, kids.

15 thoughts on “Bijan, Your Argument is Invalid

  1. Alex

    I feel terrible about giving Bijan’s video another view. That was really great of Bijan to take the time out to specifically attack the competent presidential candidate, too.

  2. michael haack

    I like how comments were disabled on the video. That way people can’t comment on how bullshit his endorsements are or how he’s the most self-involved person I know.

  3. eatcake

    Bored now. Seriously, you need to come up with something better than ancient internet memes, and the age old argument that Bijan is self involved.
    Yeah, he probably is. Great. That has about much impact on his ability to give an informed opinion as Jeremy McElroy’s obnoxious facial hair has an impact on his ability to hold an office.
    Bijan is HARDLY the first AMS exec to turn on his former co workers during election season. He is also not the first one to come from a strong AMS background and suggest that this might not be the best place to pull representative leaders from.

    Why not talk about how Ekaterina is endorsing McElroy while describing him as a “complicated ex”, (ooooh it’s mysterious, I like it).
    Why? Because it doesn’t fucking matter. McElroy’s camp (which is equally as full of dirty politicians as Bijan’s) just sounds butt hurt because they were caught unprepared for such a strong political statement, petty or not.

  4. Teenz

    Although I do agree with some of the endorsements, I have to say it’s better to NOT be endorsed by Bijan. He’s such a fucking joke anyway, and everyone knows it.

  5. Samantha

    Bijan’s video makes me so angry. It is unprofessional, biased and false. What about his conflicts of interest?

  6. WIG

    “My Personal Endorsements for AMS Elections 2011”

    That is right underneath the video.

    He says:

    “Share with you my personal opinion of the current ams elections…i’m going to recommend some candidates to vote for and not to vote for, and it is up to you what you do with that recommendation.”

    I don’t agree with some of his endorsements, but I do agree with his right to give a personal opinion.

    On the topic of slander towards McElroy, well I disagree with his method of doing that.

    Everyone is going to complain – the nature of the beast.

  7. Timmy

    An endorsement from Bijan ought to be taken with the same weight as one from Blake or Tim Chu.

    That is, *facepalm*

  8. Lionel

    Atleast those ridiculous camera angles are gone (Rick Mercer wannabe.) I am upset at his endorsement of Mike Moll, because that’s who I am voting for 🙁 Kinda wish Bijan had just kept that to himself.

  9. Chris Anderson

    I would also like to *facepalm* from eleven time zones away, where it remains hilarious and at the same time somewhat frightening to follow AMS Elections.

    The zooming effect definitely was distracting, as were the gesticulations, but not enough to keep me from vomiting a little in my mouth.

    If I were still a UBC student, I’d vote for the Hydrant again, and the rest of the slate that had no youtube presence but had so much more class…

  10. chanchan

    when henry kissinger spoke those words, he was actually having a psychic/prophetic vision, and was really seeing the state of elections season 2011.

  11. sara

    oh wow Bijan how could u say that stuff about McElroy??? like woow!
    ohhh shit, wait…. didnt McElroy cheat and admit to cheating?
    say whatever you want about Bijan but you know what he was right about Jeremy AND he won this campaign with out cheating

    Jeremy at least have the dignity to resign. how are students to know that THIS man who betrayed them in an election will actually be able to run an office properly?

    and could you guys seriously put aside your person hatred for Bijan and look at this logically?
    i dont care who jeremy is, i dont care what he does, BUT YOU DO NOT WIN A CAMPAIGN BY CHEATING! thats very clear. i dont care if he is sorry, he shouldnt have done it in the first place.

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