The Sauder One-Week Referendum Challenge

On Sunday, the CUS announced they would be having a referendum to iron out a few kinks in their constitution, which they passed just a few years ago, back in 2008. Normally, this wouldn’t be really super-big news, and it isn’t, but it looks like they’re going to try and pull it all off in JUST ONE WEEK!

Why such a hurry? Well, in order for some of the changes to take affect (namely, a smaller Board of Directors), they have to get it passed BEFORE their next election, which is also in a week. In fact, voting has actually been pushed back and shortened for a day in order for people to hold the referendum vote first.

On Monday night at the All Candidates Meeting, Senator Chad Embree appealed to all candidates to include the referendum in their campaigns, to try and make this miracle happen. There hasn’t been any referendum campaigning action yet (since everything seems to be happening on Facebook. Sauder = Sustainable). In order to pass the referendum, there has to be 10% of Sauder’s 2700 undergrads voting with over 2/3 voting yes. So, if my Commerce math is correct, that means they’ll have to campaign as hard as …… any of the candidates in the AMS Elections. Even the ones who no one has heard of and lost by a landslide.

Which is still more than no campaigning, mind you, Sauder.

So we’ve started campaigning for you!
Come to our totally serious facebook group here!

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