14 thoughts on “Infographic: Why I’m Not Getting Laid Right Now

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  2. Sup?

    #11 explains this post! That blog is supposed to be funny, which it does far better than this one… and Im a chick! Sorry but its true

  3. Plato

    I pose a question to the world: Would it be at all possible that a full head of hair could make him look even creepier than he does now? I think that it is an impossibility. Discuss.

  4. anon

    actually? you’re incredibly lame for attacking erik.. wow you’re soo much cooler for making fun of him on a personal level. pathetic. get a life.

  5. C

    Hey ladies, I’ve been a fan of AMS Confidential since the beginning – because it’s engaging, good-natured fun around topical campus news. This post frustrates me though, because I feel like it’s crossed a line – it’s not particularly topical, intellectual, or good-humoured. I think you have a really unique role to play in engaging students with media, but posts like this can reflect badly on campus politics and the university. They risk disengaging the group I think you’ve worked so hard to effectively capture. Come back? Please?

  6. The Bald Truth?

    The problem is that most of this is taken, verbatim, from Erik’s own blog. It’s more Tina Fey Sarah Palin interview, and less Conservative anti-Ignatieff ad. Check it out for yourself: http://www.baldtruth.ca/

  7. An old hack

    Um… douchecon 5 would be the lowest level of douchebaggery, not the highest. Do your research.

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