FuckYeahNumbers – CUSElections AfterMATH

* Also, a quick something on Sauder secret building monies (oOOOooohh). Read about that and more after the break.

As a former/current math nerd, there’s nothing that gets me more excited than being able to throw numbers and statistics around and feel important. It’s like a second Christmas, except instead of bits of shredded wrapping paper flying through the air, it’s percentages and … other math things flying through the air. You can only imagine the intense feelings I have towards Pie R Squared.


To be fair, though, Sauder has a LOT of good looking and sexy numbers to throw around this year:

  1. Tons of students are getting involved with the CUS, with 26 candidates running for 10 positions this election.
    * Last semester was equally impressive, with 22 first-year students running for 3 positions. wtf, first years?
  2. A 38.6% voter turnout (1100/2850 students). Free bag of chips at the polling booth = yay!
  3. Very “Eco-Enviro-Green”, with a limit of 10 posters/candidate, no flyers and 41 different links to Facebook, Twitter, and campaign websites.
  4. Passing a referendum in one week promoted entirely online. It met quorum by 8 votes. Referendum miracle, anyone?

and with such miracle numbers, who knows what will happen next year?

Big congratulations to Johannes, Tim, Chrisanne, Jacky, David (for the Hyunh!), Enzo, Mandy, Lilian, Anna and Klazina!
For detailed results, click here and for all the sexy, sexy numbers, click here.

Speaking of the CUS, ohmygosh $uper-$ekrit $uper-$neaky $auder monie$!

UBC Insiders has a breaking-news article here, with additional links to a January CUS BoD meeting and a Sauder news release regarding the issue.

Long story short, last year, Sauder passed a referendum to increase student fees by $500 (which we totally covered here and here). Fast forward to this year, more drama unfolds as Sauder adds a “Phase III” to the building plan, but DOESN’T ask for more money, instead paying from their own pockets. Their deep, deep pockets.

The question that has GOT to be on everyone’s minds, among other things, is “What now?” Nothing, probably.

As the Insiders headline suggests, the BoG is already forcing Sauder to repay students $2M and the CUS have very little to say, other than being “disappointed about the funding” and worrying if “the NDP get elected while the money is being repaid”.

Looks like the students who are rumbling and grumbling over the internet are going to be disappointed, again.

And vote for us. I promise it won’t cost you $500/year.

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