Doctoral candidate, heal thyself?


Another self dis-endorsement. Bravo.

Conny Lin was recently fined $200 by the Elections Administrator for sending an email while wearing her GSS president hat in which she endorsed herself on behalf of the organization of which she is president. Such shameless self-promotion or clueless disregard for conflict of interest isn’t grounds for disendorsement per se, since utter shamelessness is a prerequisite for running in UBC elections.

After getting called out, she knew exactly how to show contrition: Conny sent another email making it clear that, in retrospect, instead of personally sending the email endorsing her on behalf of the organization she heads, she should have forced someone else that she oversees to do it for her. “Lesson learned,” she wrote, no doubt thinking in her head “I’m such a professional communicator, how could anyone not want me on the board?”

She then sent out a third email, which News Guy Will McDonald delicately worded as “revoking her endorsement from the GSS.” DISENDORSED.

But hold on, why did the GSS endorse Conny and others in the first place? From the original email:

We need to improve our graduate student representation on the two highest UBC decision bodies: Board of Governors and Senate. GSS Council last Thursday had passed formal endorsement to all graduate students. Please vote for these candidates:
Board of Governors – Conny Lin, Erin Rennie
Senate – Jeff Abeysekerea [sic][DISENDORSED], Phillip Edgcumbe [sic], Natalie Marshall

Wow, GSS Council, endorsing people simply because they’re grad students? That’s not an arbitrary or inane reason to endorse someone at all. Here I was thinking that as someone with a penis, I should totally just vote for the Senate and BOG candidates with penises, because that’s the best way to improve the representation of my penis-y interests at the highest levels of UBC!*

*This is how I imagine the IFC’s endorsement process goes.

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