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Last Night’s Whatever

Researchers say the G-spot doesn’t appear to exist.  Super-tragic!  However, there are still lots of fun things for you to play with from last night’s Council meeting—like these brand-spanking-new ballot-approved referenda:

  3. “Engagement Levy”
  4. Fees Tied to CPI
  5. —fail—requires more signatures to get Slates
  6. Bylaw Amendments for Director Removal, etc.

And rumors abound of the following folks being tipped for nominations—although nothing’s in stone until Saturday’s meeting.  (If you know anything fun about one of them that’s not going to consitute a gross violation of privacy—past political efforts, charming policy predilections—do give us a shout.)

  • VP Academic: Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes (former pres nominee plus a bunch of other involvement, Ben Cappellacci (psyduck lover, safewalk coordinator, marketing, DKE)
  • VP Admin: Ekat Dovjenko (Commerce rep, dangerous curves)
  • VP Finance: empty????
  • President: Natalie Swift (08-09 Forestry rep, VPX FUS, sexy plaid-wearer); Bijan Ahmadian (um… everything, “Persian Mario”)
  • VP External: Jeremy McElroy (Man of Arts, sexy DJ), Tim Chu (possible fallback career: go-go dancer?)
  • Undecided: Aaron Palm (joke candidate?, former silly VP Admin candidate)

But enough of this old news.  For what do you salivate, dear Ubyssey editorial staff readers?  oh yeah.  FASHION COUNCIL!!!1!!

Although Dylan Callow (Commerce kid-at-large) continued to represnt classy short coats & a general aura of healthy Canadian youth, I’m afraid it was the Arts kids who again swept our highly subjective grading system.  Tim Chu repeated a truly epic small-check collared shirt, which, combined with his ultra-soft grey sweater, managed to communicate both fantastic style and an aura of cuddliness. Plus, smaller man, layering up, always good.  Mitch Wright dialled it in with his usual hipster-casual, but points are awarded for finding the perfect mustard t-shirt to pair with one of the colors in your ubiquitous plaid.  Guillaume Houle‘s amazing buttery leathery grandpa shoes set our editors s-s-s-swooning, and Crystal Hon kindly pointed out to us that although she was wearing Uncharacteristic Pants (gasp!shock!) her top was Ella Moss.  Studded.  KNITWEAR WIN.

Naylor Smash MORE! & other potential funtimes

UBC Insiders, with their commitment to Issues That Matter, beat us to the punch, but in case you like your news with unicorns, here are the six questions (a.k.a possible future referenda) being circulated for votes:

  1. Remove Blake from office
  2. Remove Tim from office
  3. A $5 “engagement levy”—also known as a fee to be paid by non-voters
  4. The (exciting!!!) return of slates
  5. Indexing AMS fees to the CPI (Consumer Price Index) so they rise with inflation
  6. Amending bylaws so that future execs can be removed from office legally PLUS bonus voting seats for VST, Regent and St. Mark’s

The democratic process round these parts being what it is, we’d like to remind you potential newly-interested voters that you can sign one single petition for some, all, or none of these questions.  In other words, it’s hell of easy to exercise your god- and AMS-fees-given voting rights. And heck, even if you’re not sure how you feel, signing only contributes toward making these referenda—meaning the student body as a whole will have to vote on them again.

The thoughtful Kyle Warwick was taking a clipboard door-to-door today in the SUB, and there’s a permanent station over in MASS if you’re near Buchanan tomorrow and feel like gettin’ political. And sexy. Because politics, if you were unaware, is FUN and SEXXXY

And finally, to fulfill our daily quota, here’s a unicorn within a unicorn: