Welcome to Amy Vergouwen’s Web Folio for ENGL 301 Technical Writing. This Web Folio will showcase academic achievements, volunteer pursuits, and examples of my best work produced over the course of ENGL 301. This Web Folio is meant to exhibit the experience, achievements, and hard work that has led to pursuing a professional career in Therapeutic Recreation. Acceptance into the Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Program at The University of Lethbridge is the ultimate goal, and I believe that, by perusing my Web Folio, you will see that I possess the qualifications along with the academic and professional experience for the program.

Please enjoy browsing through my Web Folio. If you would like to get to know more about me, please head to the “Bio” section. To view examples of some of my best work I have produced throughout my time in ENGL 301, please click on the tab “Best Work”. The tab “Online Resume” ┬áis the best way to view my academic achievements, professional experience, volunteer experience, and special skills all in one place. To view my full application package to the Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation Program at The University of Lethbridge, please click on the tab “Application Package”. Throughout ENGL 301, I have written reflection blogs to highlight my experience, and these are available to view under the tab “Reflective Blogs”. If you wish to keep up to date with me professionally, please don’t hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn – you can find the link to my profile under the “LinkedIn” tab.