Just found out about this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/ays, which Amazon calls Your Media Library. Looks an awful lot, at first blush, like a LibraryThing clone:

“Your Media Library on Amazon.com provides you with tools to catalog your media collection, share information, ratings and comments with other Amazon.com users, and discover what other people are reading, listening to, and viewing. You also have easy download access your digital purchases, such as Amazon Unbox videos, eDocs, Amazon Upgrade books, and Amazon Shorts. With quick links to IMDB, Amazon’s extensive media catalog, and our library of song samples, you have all the information you need about movies, books, and music all in one place. Organize, share, and discover!”

They’re also hiring software engineers. Interestingly, the job description calls Your Media Library a “standalone website”, so they may be considering spinning it off.