Schedule Released!

Here’s our preliminary schedule for BC Bio. We will update this post as additional information is released. Note that ALL talks and session will be held in the Library, room L305. This room cannot be accessed by the main Library entrance. You must enter either via the Commons entrance, or the side entrances, which is directly across from the Science building. Signs will be posted to help you find it. There are both elevators and stairs to get you to the third floor.

BC Bio 2023  Schedule

8:30 AM Arrival & Registration
8:50 AM Welcome, Land Acknowledgement, Administrative notes
9:00 AM Talk 1: Pam Kalas & Team, UBCV. Title: Honoring the hidden sides of pedigree analysis and (maybe?) debunking the myth of genetic essentialism.
9:30 AM Talk 2: Aisling Brady, North Island University. Title: Ungrading a First-Year Biology Lab Course.
10:00 AM Talk 3: Richard Plunkett, UBCO. Title: Back to the Classroom: Pedagogical Methods and Student Social Interactions After COVID-19 Restrictions
10:30 AM Break
11am -12pm
Plenary Speaker: Sumer Seiki (See additional information below).
Talk Title: Making Positive Impacts: Connecting social justice and science instruction
12-1pm Lunch (provided for in-person registrants)
1:00 PM Talk 4: Miranda Meents & Erin Barley, SFU. Title: Curriculum Mapping of Technical Skills Coverage
1:30 PM Talk 5: Evelyn Sun. UBCV. Title: From in vitro to in silico:
Re-envisioning a wet lab course-based undergraduate research experience (CURE) into a data science experience
2:00 PM Talk 6: Andis Klegeris, UBCO. Developing and assessing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills of undergraduate students.
2:30 PM Break
3:00 PM Roundtable Discussions (see below)
3:30 PM End of BC Bio – Brief Wrap Up & Acknowledgements

Afternoon Roundtable Discussions

We will have space for roughly 5 attendees per table. Please be advised that this portion of the day will not be accessible via Zoom. Live streaming will end after Talk 6.

  1. Anti-Racism & Indigenization of Science (Facilitator: Marina Tourlakis, Quest U)
  2. AI in Education & Pedagogy (Facilitator: Jason Toal, Educational Consultant for Technology Projects & Strategy, UBCO)
  3. Ungrading/ Alternative Grading (Facilitator: Aisling Brady, North Island University)
  4. Designing & Implementing Open Educational Resources for students (Facilitator: Mathew Vis-Dunbar, Data & Digital Scholarship Librarian)
  5. Labs & Experiential Learning (Facilitator: Ken Savage, UBC Okanagan)
  6. Student Engagement & Mentoring. (Facilitator: Zoe Soon, UBC Okanagan)


Plenary Speaker

More information on the complete schedule will be available once we have registration numbers. For now, here’s what we do know…

Plenary Talk: Dr. Sumer Seiki

Dr. Seiki presents as an asian woman, with long dark hair. She is wearing a dark shirt in this image.

Talk Title: Making Positive Impacts: Connecting social justice and science instruction

Speaker Bio: Dr. Seiki has an extensive background in education and has held several positions including Assistant Dean, Director of Teacher Education Programs at the University of California, Riverside School of Education and Associate Professor of Science Education. She has a PhD in Science Education, a Master of Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Plant Biology, and has taught biology courses, ethnic studies courses, science for social justice courses, etc. at various California community colleges and universities.

In recognition of her research contributions to education, Dr. Seiki was awarded the 2020 American Education Research Association Early Career Award from the Narrative SIG. She continues to research the intersection of community cultural wealth and science education, and is passionate about transforming science curriculum to be more inclusive and accessible to diverse learners.

Link to Dr. Seiki’s University profile.


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